Court of Audit

Creation of a text editor for structured reports and a search engine for internal documents.

text editor

A collaborative text editor for the editing of structured documents, such as legal reports and administrative decisions.

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Collaborative text editor

In the French Court of Audit, financial judges produce 2k+ reports per year. Previously, editing teams used MS Word, which lacked specialized editing tools for highly structured documents such as legal reports, contracts, and other administrative documents.

Story Mapping

User story mapping

Through collaborative exercises with users, interviews and mounts of post-its we researched user needs to better understand their perspective. From the results of our research we built a map of user needs and potential solutions.
Editor Screenshot

Automatic Formatting

In our vision, a text editor would enable personnel to focus on the content of their reports without having to worry about visual formatting. To automate final formatting, we used Paged.js and CSS themes.
Editor Screenshot


Based on Prosemirror capabilities, we envisioned a text editor with comments and real-time collaborative editing, two highly requested features.
Editor Screenshot


Reports can contain references to figures such as images, tables and charts, as well as connecting links to a library of external files such as spreadsheets and PDF files.

Internal search engine

The Court of Audit houses an internal library of 20k+ reports, legal proceedings and other administrative documents. Previously using an internal dashboard with limited search capabilities, we identified the need for a modern, full-text, internal search engine.

Search Engine Wireframe


We identified key features through interviews and user meetings. Using the results of our research, we designed a set of wireframes, which we then validated with users.
Search Engine Screenshot

Search suggestions

We quickly created an interactive prototype that included search suggestions and atomic results.
Search Engine Screenshot

Full-text results

We implemented a full-text search engine with multiple filtering options, sorting, and the ability to export results to a spreadsheet.
Search Engine Screenshot

Detailed view

The result page includes metadata about the document, such as its authors, references, and a timeline of its publication steps.

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