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Design+Code a text editor for structured documents such as books or reports.

text editor

A collaborative text editor for editing structured documents, such as books and reports.

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Collaborative text editor

Coko Foundation develops Open Source tools to help academic institutions and publishers streamline their publishing workflows. Among other tools, Coko is developing a specialized text editor that separates text from its styling and helps automate the publishing process.

Story Mapping

Interactive prototype

To design a top of the line editing experience, we developed a fully interactive prototype of the editor using React and FramerX.
Editor Screenshot

Fully themable

As a first step toward creating a fully themable editor, all elements were implemented in grayscale, making them independent of a particular color scheme.
Editor Screenshot

Detailed interactions

We designed a fully interactive prototype which included all functionalities needed for a rich editing experience, such as interactions with the text and cursor, comments, editing, search, language tools, etc.

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