University of Paris

Creation of an intranet, a Knowledge Management System (KMS) and a CRM.


An intranet portal that connects students and personnel with university services.

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UX / UI Design
Web Development
Angular 2+
Django REST

University portal

The University of Paris & Saint-Denis has a combined personnel and student force of 47k+ users. As part of its digital transformation, the university needed a new way to connect students and personnel with its services.

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Home page

A home page was required, to help students and staff navigate through the different services available on the university portal.
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Profile settings

Through a unified settings page, students and staff could access their personal information, modify settings, and communicate changes to the university.

Knowledge management system

The University lacked a suitable platform to house its institutional knowledge base of 1K+ documents covering 55 different topics, ranging from student life on campus to different administrative processes.

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Search suggestions

We envisioned an integrated search engine that allows students and staff to search through the knowledge base.
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Page hierarchy

Users can easily navigate between the 55 topics covered by the knowledge base using a complete page hierarchy.


An internal CRM was required to effectively reroute and handle user requests towards the different university services (500+ requests/day).

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An internal messaging system was created to allow users to contact university services and chat with the appropriate staff member. Each ticket could be assigned to a particular service, and given a priority.
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User profile

An extensive user profile was made available to staff members, allowing them to quickly identify users.
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Message inbox

A message inbox allows users to contact the university and read responses to their requests.

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